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Zorigt! :) Сайн байна уу?

It's great to see somebody else around here! :). I have seen your contributions (great!) and have some comments and one question for you.

Wiktionaries are dictionaries and consequently there are some differences between them and Wikipedias. In Wiktionaries, for example, capital letters at the beginning of words are only used when the word has to get one because it is the standard spelling in its otiginal language: consequently the word "Spanish" in English is spelled with a capital letter because it comes from a country's name but in Spanish "español" (meaning "Spanish" as well) has no capital letter because adjectives in my mother tongue never get one. Wiktionaries, unlike Wikipedias, do not automatically capitalize the first letter of an article. This makes me ask you something: according to standars in your language, do you know which is more proper? "Солонгос хэл" or "солонгос хэл"? I ask this because I browsed with Google "Солонгос хэл" appears to be more common, but in a little paper dictionary I looked up, "Солонгос", the name of the country alone, was with capital letter while other any compounds like "солонгос хэл" were not. I have seen the same spellings as well in this dictionary and in this other one so I think that may be the standard (similar to Spanish but different from English) but you are more likely to have better reference about it. All this stuff is important because in Wiktionaries the interwiki links are not translations but the litteral titles of the articles.

I saw you put first 口 and then you changed it to くち but actually the best option is adding both "口" and then you changed it to "くち" because both are standard spellings in Japanese (and we should add "kuchi" as well). I'll do it in a minute. Thanks a lot for all you did here! :)--Piolinfax 00:22, 21 February 2007 (UTC)

Oh! I forgot. I would appreciate if you change or tell me about any mistakes I may do with Mongolian language here. Thanks! --Piolinfax 01:14, 21 February 2007 (UTC)